ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Manager (CTAL-TM)

An online course to get ready and practice questions for the ISTQBยฎ Advanced Level Test Manager certification (CTAL-TM)

March-2024 LIVE Class Schedule

Day -  1

Test Process

Saturday 02.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 2

Test Process (continued...)

Saturday 03.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 3

Test Management

Sunday 09.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 4

Test Management (continued...)

Saturday 10.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 5

Reviews & Defect Management

Sunday 16.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day -  6

Improving Testing Process & Test Tools

Saturday 17.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 7

People Skills - Team Composition

Sunday 23.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Day - 8

Reserved Day

Saturday 24.03.2024

18:00 to 22:00 IST (4 Hours)

Course Summary

Are you ready to pass the ISTQB Advanced Level - Test Analyst certification exam?

This course of ISTQBยฎ Advanced  - Test Analyst certification talks about every aspect of software testing lifecycle and role of Test Analyst in it.

The course focuses on the key areas that are vital for successful test analysis and design:
 - The testing process
 - The risk-based testing
 - Test design techniques
 - Software quality characteristics
 - Reviews
 - Test tools

It is very tough to prepare for the exam by yourself because of the lack of ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst resources, but this course is here to help you overcome this issue.

This course includes everything you might need to know to understand the syllabus of the CTAL-TA fully. 

The following content will be covered:

Chapter 1: Test Process

  • Introduction
  • Test Planning, Monitoring & Control
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Design
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution
  • Evaluating Exit Criteria & Reporting
  • Test Closure Activities

Chapter 2: Test Management

  • Introduction
  • Test Management in Context
  • Risk Based Testing and other approaches for test prioritization 
  • Test documentation and other work products 
  • Test Estimation 
  • Defining and using test metrics 
  • Business Value of Testing 
  • Distributed, Outsourced and In-sourced Testing 
  • Managing the application of industry standards

Chapter 3: Reviews

  • Introduction 
  • Management reviews & audits 
  • Managing reviews 
  • Metrics for reviews 
  • Managing formal reviews

Chapter 4: Defect Management

  • Introduction 
  • The defect lifecycle and the software development lifecycles 
  • Defect report information 
  • Assessing process capability with defect report information 

Chapter 5: Improving Testing Process

  • Introduction 
  • Test Improvement process 
  • Improving the testing process 
  • Improving the testing process with TMMi 
  • Improving the testing process with TPI Next 
  • Improving the testing process with CTP 
  • Improving the testing process with STEP

Chapter 6: Test Tools and Automation

  • Introduction
  • Tool Selection
  • Tool Lifecycle
  • Tool Metrics

Chapter 7: People Skills

  • Introduction 
  • Individual Skills 
  • Test team dynamics 
  • Fitting testing within an organization 
  • Motivation Communication

Course Curriculum

SAgar JOshi

Hi! I am SAgar JOshi. Father of a boy, husband to a loving superwoman. I started my IT career in the year 2009, after completing my Bachelor of Engineering.

I did my ISTQB Foundation Level certification in April 2013 and since then I completed many other ISTQB certifications such as ISTQB Agile Extension, ISTQB Automotive Tester Extension, ISTQB Advanced Test Manager, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst, and ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst certification.

All that I achieved is because of a life-long learning attitude and by having the right approach. My passion for learning did not stop with me. I am on a mission to teach 1,00,000 individuals by the year 2025. So, I started my own academy named, SAJO Academy, and this has brought me closer to an awesome bunch of people.

Hope to see you in one of my courses. Thank you and happy learningโ€ฆ!  

-SAgar JOshi

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