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LIVE ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Training

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Thank you for a great Course!
 I have recently passed my ISTQB Foundation Level exam. The training was extremely interesting and useful. Initially I was doing self study and was not confident whether I could pass the exam or not. But when I came to know about SAJO Academy I enrolled for the course. The way he explains the concepts are very clear and understandable. He is always available to guide and motivate us. I have gained in-depth knowledge after attending his classes. His Mind maps, Chapter-wise Questions, Quick revision class are very useful for preparation. I have cleared my exam in a short period only because of his training. Overall I consider this a great course, with a great trainer and I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to clear the exam!
- Akhila Ponnam

Dear Software Tester,

My name is Sagar Joshi, and I am a software tester too. But Along with being an ISTQB Certified Software Tester , I’m an ISTQB Certifications trainer as well .

This is not something I chose one random night. I was convinced of the importance of ISTQB in my career. Certification represents recognition of a particular individual's professional competence. It has given me the competitive advantage over non-certified individuals in the same field.

ISTQB is the leading Global Certification Scheme in Software Testing Field.
As written on their website as well, ISTQB® established, and continues to evolve, the internationally-recognized Certified Tester scheme which is a portfolio of certifications that develop, extend, and validate testing skills. The scheme is built around syllabi created by a global network of experts, the ISTQB® Glossary, sample exams, and the Testing Body of Knowledge .

With ISTQB Certifications in hand, you get a plus point in every aspect of your career.

The only thing that helped me achieve this is a life-long learning attitude and following the right approach.  
My passion for learning did not stop with me. I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 individuals clear ISTQB certifications and more by the year 2025.

Want to Join Me!
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What's Keeping You From Becoming An ISTQB Certified Tester

Let's See what ISTQB® Effectiveness Surveys conducted in 2013,2016 and 2019 says:

What was your motivation in obtaining your ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certification?

What was your motivation to have your employees achieve ISTQB® Foundation Level (CTFL) certification?

A Learning Approach That Has Helped Thousands Of SAJO Academy's Students

An Academy with 4.9 stars rating on Trustpilot where I provide my students with 4 Weekends of LIVE training .

Only course you need to become an ISTQB certified tester and learn Software Testing as a whole by understanding the Software Testing best practices, principles and techniques.

  • Mind Maps to make learning easy and fun
  • Chapter Wise Questions
  • Quick Revision Class 

Who Is This Course For?

  • Software Testers who want to excel in the careers
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Certifications Aspirants
  • Dedicated and Action takers

Let Us Have a 30,000 ft View Of The Chapters

Chapter #1

Fundamentals Of Software Testing

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • What is Testing?
  • Why is Testing Necessary?
  • Seven Testing Principles
  • Test Process
  • The Psychology of Testing

Chapter #2

Testing Throughout Software Development
Life Cycle Model

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • Different Software Development Life Cycle Models
  • Test Levels
  • Test Types
  • Maintenance Testing

Chapter #3

Static Testing Techniques

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • Static Techniques Basics
  • Review Process
  • Examples

Chapter #4

Test Design Techniques

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • Categories Of Test Techniques
  • Black-Box Test Techniques
  • White-Box Test Techniques
  • Experience Based Test Techniques

Chapter #5

Test Management

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • Test Organization
  • Test Planning And Estimation
  • Test Monitoring And Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk and Testing
  • Defect Management

Chapter #6

Tool Support for Testing

Topics covered in this chapter,

  • Test Tool Considerations
  • Effective Use of Tools

Evaluation Against One Practice Paper

On this day,

One Practice Paper will be discussed in the class and Evaluation will be done on based of that.

Bonuses, You'll Love

🖥️ Access to SEVEN Practice Exams

In addition to the Five Sample Exams available on ISTQB website, you will get Five Full Length Practice Exams in the course to boost your confidence. With Same Exam Structure & Same Difficulty Level of Questions

🖥️ Support Until You Clear Your Certification Exam

One time enrollment to Until you clear your exam. If you do not feel confident to appear for exam after this particular batch , you are welcome to join the next batch as well.

🖥️ Assistance to Book the Exam

There are multiple options present to book the Exam.
SAJO Academy guides you to book the best one 

🖥️ Access to Whatsapp Group

A private Whatsapp Group to connect with other ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam aspirants.
You can ask questions in the Group anytime and will get answers in the least amount of time.

Live Interactive Sessions

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lifetime Access

🌟 The Results SAJO Academy Could Get For Its Students 🌟

"Hi All, I have cleared my ISTQB Exam with the score of 37/40. it's all because of the support and guidance of sagar sir.His mind maps, chapter-wise questions and quick revision class are very useful for preparation.I would highly recommend this course as it helped me to not just pass the exam but understand the concepts.Sagar sir is very supportive and knows how to give motivation to the students."
Meenakshi Yadav
"I just cleared the ISTQB CTFL exam with the score of 38/40. It's all because of the support and guidance of Sagar Joshi. Sagar is a very knowledgeable and helpful tutor. He helped me a lot. Whenever I had any doubt, he responded ASAP despite of his busy schedule.  I strongly recommend SAJO Academy for the preparation of ISTQB exams. It's materials like Mindmaps, sample questions and answers with justifications are really fantastic"
Pragya Mishra
"I am still surprised that I have cleared my ISTQB Exam, Really Sagar sir knows the magic. I was 100 % decided to cancel my exam 5 days before, but sir instructed me to go for the exam you will not only pass but get a good score. I took the help of mind maps and a quick review session. Although I joined each of my scheduled weekend classes.SAJO not only gives class but crafts your mind as well."
Vishal Nigam
"I have recently passed my ISTQB foundation level exam. The training and the guidance given by Sagar is the main reason that I cleared it with a limited time. (Less than 1 month). Mind maps, chapter wise questions were helped me a lot to remember the key points since I didn’t get more time to go though the syllabus again and again. (Only went though the syllabus 1 or 2) Highly recommended SAJO Academy."
Adheesha Rathnasinghe
"Sagar has helped me to clear the exam fearless. He made me come out of the fear to attempt it where his teaching was really helpful to understand concepts in an easy manner and relate them to our day to day activities. His mind maps, practice exams were so helpful to revise for the exam. I would really recommend SAJO Academy for the people who ever is trying to attempt the certification."
Vamsi Krishna Murty
"Im glad that i invested in enrolling with a wonderful trainer. Sagar is very patient and is helpful in answering all the questions. He ensures that he guides us until we pass the exam. Before attending the training,I did not have an idea about the preparation.I feel confident now. The mind maps and the recorded sessions are very helpful."
Amulya Kalambale

YESS!!! I Want To Learn The Correct Approach to Clear The ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam

Next Batch Starting on 05th August,2023

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✔️ Full Support Until You Clear The Exam
✔️ Five Full-Length Practice Exam
✔️ Assistance In Booking The Exam
✔️ Access to the Whatsapp Group

Today's Price : $160 or 8,499 INR


You should expect to spend around 3-4 hours each Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks to attend the live training classes. Apart from attending live training, you should spend about 16 to 18 hours for self preparation.

We know that it’s not always possible to keep your schedule free of last-minute problems, especially when you are working in an IT profession! The training sessions will be recorded and the replays will be available to registered students.
However, if you already know you can’t make the published session times, please consider joining another of our classes as you’ll benefit more if you can attend the sessions live.

The average class size is 12-20 students.

We will be using Zoom to deliver the training. You do not need access to a paid account but you will need to be able to download the Zoom software on your computer if you do not already have it.

For best results, please attend from a computer (instead of a phone or tablet). If possible use the most up-to-date version of your browser.

Also... as a courtesy to all attending... please mute yourself before going to the bathroom... 😄

No, you will have to book and pay for your exam independently.

We do not guarantee the results. We can give you all the materials you need, the best learning environment and an experienced coach to support you - but you have to do the work and take the exam yourself. We have the sample exams against which you can make sure that your preparation is good enough for the final exam.

You may repeat a course as many times as you want before taking the exam or even after taking the and if you do not pass. We support you until you clear the exam.