What is ISTQB?

Is ISTQB certification the answer to software testing career growth? Learn more about what is ISTQB and its benefits for aspiring testers.

Here is why ISTQB Certification is your answer to software testing career growth. Find out all about ISTQB and its benefits for aspiring testers.

Following the trail of an ever-advancing IT industry, software testing has evolved more methodically in recent years. With this advancement, the collective framework of certifications in this domain has transformed to a great extent.

As software testers move up the professional ladder, they need to upgrade their skill set and meet the increasing challenges. To keep pace with the latest development, one should start early with professional courses or certifications, like the ISTQB certification course.

A software testing certification provides viable confirmation of an individual’s competence and knowledge in their respective field's technical know-how. With that in mind, allow us to further explain ISTQB certification and how it can help you professionally.

What is ISTQB?

ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualifications Board is a non-profit organisation founded in the year 2002. ISTQB is an internationally recognized software testing certification. It offers to both aspirants software testers as well as experienced software testers, a highly comprehensive certification program.

ISTQB certification is the third largest IT certification program. ISTQB certification is capable of bolstering your software testing skills and helping you master the software testing domain's essential disciplines.


Vision and Mission of ISTQB

ISTQB works on the mission to utilize the software testing industry innovations and practices and make that knowledge available to professionals. The ISTQB Certification is committed to fabricating a more effective, efficient and competitive software tester.

Whether it is IT professionals, test managers, test engineers, test consultants or even freshers from non-IT background individuals, ISTQB can scale up the career graph of any professional in the industry.

ISTQB is globally considered as one of the fastest-growing testing certificates with its vision of offering best practices to software testers in this domain and connecting these professionals to the global community


Facts and Figures of ISTQB

Founded InNovember 2002
Exams Organized
Certifications Issued
Count of Board Members
Countries Covered by Board Members129
Industry Partners Programs227
Number of Countries with Presence of Industry Program Partners47
Authorized Training Providers328


What is ISTQB Exam?

ISTQB certification is an online testing certification conducted in the form of an exam organized by an Exam Provider. This Exam Provider is an exam conducting body licensed by the members of board ISTQB.

These Exam Providers organize the certification exam nationally and internationally. The freshers or experienced professionals, who take the examination and successfully pass it, are awarded the ISTQB Certification.

What are the Benefits and Scope of Getting ISTQB Certified?

ISTQB has multi-fold benefits. Here is how this certification will help you professionally-

  1. Practical Exposure
    ISTQB Certification offers practical exposure to the software testing domain. It provides a comprehensive approach to software testing. This is exceptionally helpful for testers and engineers to eliminate bugs and make systems more reliable and efficient.

  2. No Experience Required for the Examination
    ISTQB Foundation Level Certification has an edge with the benefit of offering the chance for anyone to appear for the examination. The applicant does not require any prior software testing experience. This is especially vital for entry-level testers who are looking forward to expanding their learning landscape and enhancing their professional credibility.

  3. Opens Global Doors
    With international level recognition, ISTQB exam opens global doors for software testing professionals. This lets the professionals not just have salary hikes and perks associated with it but also enhance their knowledge by connecting with like-minded people. Professionals can increase their market value through this global exposure.

  4. No Recertification
    ISTQB does not require any recertification by the candidate. ISTQB Foundation Certificate is eligible for a lifetime which saves both time and cost involved in preparing for the certification.

  5. More Likely to be Promoted or Get a Job
    With an ISTQB Certification in hand offering practical knowledge, individuals become more likely to be promoted or get a job they have been aspiring for. The added skills are always a great step towards professional achievements.

  6. Develops Confidence
    Companies with certified staff are also at an advantage of developing confidence in the clients for the quality of service and reliability they would offer.

What are ISTQB Certification Levels?

The concept of different exam levels is designed to cover diversity; from entry-level professionals to leaders in the testing field. ISTQB exam can be classified into three levels -

  1. Foundation Level Certification: This is an entry-level certification designed for freshers from both IT and Non-IT fields. It sets your foundation in software testing with the key concepts for professional growth.
  2. Advance Level Certification: This mid-level certification is designed for individuals with at least three years of experience who wish to enhance their existing professional skills. This certification ensures an advance level of software testing concepts understanding for individuals.
  3. Expert Level Certification: Designed for software testing leaders with more than eight years of experience, it imparts the knowledge of cutting-edge techniques in the testing domain. Expert level focuses on the specialised courses considering its end user.

Wrapping Up!

Certifications are not just a road to better professional opportunities, but they also open doors for you internationally, giving you a chance to amplify and strengthen your knowledge. Companies are in a constant quest for highly certified individuals who will be better qualified for the job.

Having said that, clearing the ISTQB examination is still challenging, and you might need professional help. The qualifying percentage for a candidate is 65% and requires thorough testing knowledge. This is where a wise choice of a good trainer will reap your efforts in the right directions.

You can get the best of ISTQB Certification preparation courses offered by Sajo Academy. Sajo Academy is a pioneer in software testing education for ISTQB Certification aspiring professionals. With interactive sessions, exam registration assistance, networking opportunities and unconditional support, Sajo is your answer to your new professional doorway.

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