How to Pass ISTQB Foundation Level Exam in First Attempt?

Looking for quick tips to pass ISTQB exams? Read this article to find out how to prepare for ISTQB foundation level exams and excel in the first try.

An IT certification is one of the most coveted degrees today. With the ocean of opportunities in the IT sector, more people are now inclined towards practical learning to educate themselves on the best industry practices.

    This does not come as a surprise, but IT certification can determine an individual’s professional competency. Even if you are a professional looking to grow in an organisation, you would want to have an IT certification in your name.

    In 2019, around 63% of the companies considered IT certifications valuable in the hiring process. In the field of software testing, the percentage becomes even better.

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    Hence, the software testing professionals, including software testers, quality assurance managers and even test leads are seeking the roadmap to ISTQB certification.

    International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a software testing certification board which is a worldwide leader in the field of software testing that operates in around 70 countries. As a candidate or a professional in the field of software testing, getting a stamp of ISTQB certification in your curriculum vitae is an A+ for your career growth and development.  

    However, the first question that most candidates ask is - Is the ISTQB Certification Exam Easy? Let’s find an answer to this.

    Is ISTQB Certification Exam Easy?

    Like several other IT certifications, members of ISTQB board have set up the minimum passing percentage for ISTQB foundation exam as 65%. 

    Many might believe that ISTQB certification exam is a cakewalk for the software testers and other professionals in this field. Well, irrespective of years of experience and excellence at work, hardwork and smart work is a requisite for success in this exam.

    ISTQB syllabus and glossary has now become the de facto industry reference for the software testers, QAs, and test leads. Let's cut short your journey to pass the ISTQB foundation course with the help of this guide. 

    How to Pass ISTQB Foundation Level Exam: Six Actionable Tips

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    • 1. Prepare In Advance

    One of the most common assumptions among the candidates is that clearing the ISTQB certification exam is easy. Apologies for bursting your bubble, but last moment preparations to clear the ISTQB certification is probably not going to cut it. 

    ISTQB exams have complex options for simple questions. A simple objective question with almost similar options for answers can leave you confused.  

    In order to prepare, you should allocate at least 30 days of preparation from the date of the exam. Take some time to go through the syllabus and practice a few mocks or sample tests before appearing for the exams. 

    • 2. Understand the Exam Structure and Format

      Before starting with the preparation, you must be familiar with the exam format and exam structure to strategize accordingly.

      Remember, the minimum passing percentage of ISTQB certification exam is 65%. This means that out of 40 marks, you need at least 26 marks to get certified. 

      The question paper is divided into four cognitive levels; K1 to K4. 50% of your questions will belong to K1 level, which is easier to clear. However, the other three cognitive levels are slightly complex and might need more of your attention. 

      If you want to clear the exam, make sure to cover each chapter and do not skip any.

      • 3. Read Syllabus Thoroughly

        Well, the exam is made to determine, “Have you learned the material?” 

        Before starting with anything, you should understand the syllabus in-depth, which can be one of your most vital guides. It might take you two days to ponder over the ISTQB foundation syllabus. 

        Even the experts recommend reading the syllabus twice before picking up your textbooks. 

        ISTQB exam syllabus is a 93-page long document. Consider it the bible for ISTQB certification exams preparation. 

        • 4. Read Glossary In Detail

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        Glossaries are an important part of your ISTQB exam preparation. Besides your reference books, some cognitive sections will have questions related to the terminologies in software testing. 

        Hence, it is important to keep the glossaries handy during preparation. If you are starting your preparation from scratch, be sure to start with glossaries to stay familiar with the frequently used terminologies in the chapters. 

        ISTQB has a mobile app for Android and iPhone devices to help you access the exam resources anywhere. They also offer a web version which is available here

        Glossaries can be of great help if you are reading the syllabus or going through various books and guides.

        • 5. Solve ISTQB Official Sample Papers

        Various unreliable sources on the internet offer ISTQB sample papers, which can be misleading. They can have incorrect answers. 

        While it is important to practice mock tests and sample papers for self-assessment, you should only trust the reliable sources. Most ISTQB certification experts and even the previously appeared candidates recommend the official sample papers to get an idea of the questions.

        However, solving sample papers does not guarantee repetition of the sample paper questions in the foundation exam. That’s the unpredictability of the ISTQB examinations.

        • 6. Join Social Media Discussion Groups

        To stay updated with the latest exam syllabus, tips and updates, various discussion groups can add to your exam preparation. 

        There are a number of social media discussion groups for ISTQB Foundation and ISTQB exam preparation. For example, a Facebook group with the name “ISTQB Certification Help” has around 4000+ active members. 

        The group has various ISTQB aspirants and subject experts of ISTQB foundation courses. You can request to join this group and post queries on it. 

        Bonus Tip: Enrol With Free ISTQB Foundation Certification Orientation Course

        Do not miss this opportunity to enrol in the free ISTQB foundation level certification orientation course.

        Various certification institutes like SAJO Academy offer free orientation courses to answer the most common questions: 

        • What is ISTQB, and why should you get certified? 
        • Where to register for the exam? 
        • What is the exam format and structure? 
        • How to prepare for ISTQB exam? 
        • Where to download the preparation material?

        Wrapping Up: Time To Kick-Off Your Preparation

        ISTQB certification is a must if you want to learn the best industry practices and expand your network in the software testing field. This can give a boost to your professional growth.

        Hope the above-given points have covered your queries on how to pass the ISTQB certification exam in the first attempt. 

        Stay focused and go through every chapter in detail before appearing for the examinations. Good luck with the preparation!

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